Sherlock Holmes fans know about the "missing years" -  the time when Holmes traveled in Asia after his epic battle with Professor Moriarty. Now, thanks to recently discovered notebooks, some of the Great Detective's most challenging cases can be revealed in The Curious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in Japan.

Holmes is secretly brought to Meiji-era Japan disguised as an explorer named Sigerson. The world’s most famous detective finds himself where he doesn’t speak the language, doesn’t understand the culture, and is faced by evil, both great and small. He must depend on the help and guidance of Japanese doctor Junichi Watanabe, who makes wry comments about the famous Holmes eccentricities as he helps Holmes solve uniquely perplexing crimes.

How can the sound of an obscure Japanese garden instrument help Holmes solve a case of madness and the voice of the Devil? Why would a thief risk capture to steal countless jars of pickles? Why would ghostly samurai appear to guard a waterfall? These and other puzzling mysteries challenge Holmes and Doctor Watanabe in The Curious Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in Japan.

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